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Vijay Anand

Vice President, Marketing,


Where do I start? Let me start with 7 years ago – which is how long I’ve worked with Morgan. As the head of the product marketing team, I relied on her and her team heavily to make all the content we produced look stellar. Her creativity is genius, her imagination is unmatched, and beyond all, her ability to GET THINGS DONE is rare and admirable. Her designs elevated the presence of everything we published from white-papers to brochures, presentations, ebooks, and other website assets. And Pro-tip - If you’re ever going to plan another in-person event or conference, you want Morgan running point on every creative aspect of it. Along with the rest of marketing and sales team, not only do I greatly depend on her, but also deeply enjoy working with her!

Catherine photo.jpeg

Catherine Farley

Director, Marketing


Morgan is a visionary creative leader. Imagine the ideal creative director. Someone that is intensely passionate, knowledgable, and action oriented with the attention to detail that makes you raise your eyebrows. Well, Morgan is that x10. When I first started in marketing I was told you can have something cheap, fast, or good. Never all 3. Morgan consistently delivers all 3 in every project she touches. She is a rare talent that can not only dream up innovative and futuristic concepts for mind blowing activations and events but can sit down and go through small details like font size and color schemes. If you're looking for someone that checks every box + the boxes you didn't even know existed then you've found your next hire in Morgan.

Kelli photo.jpeg

Kelli Dent

Senior Director, Demand Generation,


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Morgan for 6.5 years at MicroStrategy. Through the years, I have watched Morgan completely reinvigorate our brand, our standards/guidelines, templates, collateral pieces, and put on 7 immaculately designed industry trending 3000 person user conferences. Morgan lives and breathes design, creativity, and taking a companies brand to the next level and is methodical in all aspects of strategical thinking when it comes to ones brand. Additionally, she is deeply passionate about developing the people that work for her. I can only hope one day I can work with her again as she taught me a lot about what to incorporate into campaigns from a creative and brand standpoint in addition to being an extension of her “brand police."

Neil photo.jpeg

Neil Routman

Mgr, Copywriting,


Simply put, Morgan is a creative powerhouse. Her ability to wrap complex ideas into elegant designs is uncanny. Her eye for aesthetics is spot on, and as a leader, she built a machine of a department that ran on data insights, high levels of transparency, and extraordinary artistic talent. Collaborating with Morgan, and her team, always left me grateful (and impressed) to have the opportunity to work
with people of her caliber.

Jessica photo.jpeg

Jessica Elliott

Art Director,


In working with Morgan, I experienced the example of someone who unwaveringly supports her team, helps them to be successful, nurtures client relationships, is willing to learn something new to ensure success of an event or campaign, and always has time to listen. I have witnessed her put on an infinite number of hats in the workplace to help alleviate worry or stress from team members and executives alike. Her organizational skills combined with her art direction and design experience make her a rare breed of employee that understands the necessary aspects of a creative team. She anticipates needs before they are known. She is able to make quick decisions and keep order in an environment full of constant changes. She is a true brand advocate and is skilled at creating, reviewing, and providing feedback on design and overall brand. She allows designers to truly explore their creativity while also guiding and making decisions along the way. My career advancements could not have been possible without the support and belief from Morgan that I was capable.

Brand Identity
Brand Management
Strategic Problem Solving
Project Management
Career Development
Team Leadership
Team Mentorship
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Campaign Building
Mac and PC
SharePoint 365
Microsoft Office 365
Creative Direction
Event Planning

Senior Creative Director

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